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Transform yourself from being a competitor into a brilliant warrior!


ISAMP – Igor Sehic Athletic and Mental Performance

Welcome to the realm of peak athletic and mental performance with ISAMP Coaching – the revolutionary approach in redefining the boundaries of achievements in sports.

Rooted in a profound understanding of management, physical training, psychology, health, and education, this method offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing athletic prowess and mental acuity. At its core lies the recognition of the crucial interconnection between these fundamental elements, allowing athletes to unleash their full potential.

ISAMP empowers highly competitive athletes to exert precise control over every aspect of their performance, propelling them towards unparalleled achievements. Furthermore, it offers a wealth of educational resources for high-performance coaches, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to effectively guide athletes on their journey to excellence.

With ISAMP, a new era of comprehensive performance optimization awaits, catering to the needs of ambitious athletes and coaches alike. 

Embark on a transformative experience that redefines the boundaries of athletic and mental accomplishment, raising the bar for success in the competitive world of sports.

MANAGEMENT – the crucial first step that sets the stage for success

Management serves as the vital cornerstone in my work with athletes. It empowers them to set goals correctly, master the art of time management, craft effective plans, make wise strategic choices, and engage in out-of-the- box and constructive thinking. This fundamental process lays the groundwork for optimizing their athletic performance and achieving success in their professional careers.

PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE TRAINING – from a strong foundation to the peak performance

The training component within ISAMP Coaching is meticulously crafted to optimize key facets of physical performance, encompassing power, agility, explosiveness, speed, and endurance. This approach further delves into the personalized integration of these attributes into specific sports contexts. Central to this approach is the optimization of the connection between the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system, with neuroplasticity emerging as a pivotal mechanism.

By harnessing neuroplasticity, athletes attain the capacity to swiftly adapt to novel scenarios, instantaneously react employing unconventional movements, and proficiently function across a broader movement spectrum, ultimately cultivating ingenuity in motion.

MENTAL COACHING – take charge of your mindset

A defining characteristic of elite athletes is their ability to remain composed under pressure while sustaining optimal performance levels. To cultivate this, they are taught to comprehend their inner psyche, its interplay with the environment, external influences exerted upon them, and the scope over which they possess control. Athletes learn to develop mental resilience, enabling them to manage their emotions, conquer obstacles, and stay focused when exposed to a high level of pressure.

This method empowers them to elevate their mental performance and nurture their mental well-being.

SPORTS THERAPY – wellbeing of athletes comes first!

The athletes' bodies serve as their primary instrument, and to sustain high- performance over an extended period necessitates a systematic approach to its care. Prioritizing their enduring health and well-being, which are vital both within their professional careers and personal lives, remains essential. Consequently, training sessions are meticulously designed around the core principle of injury prevention.

As a cornerstone of maintaining bodily functionality and well-being, sports therapy seamlessly represents an indispensable component within the ISAMP Coaching Method.

EDUCATION –knowledge is the key to unlock new possibilities

Education plays a vital role within the ISAMP Coaching method, equipping athletes with profound insights into their sport, the fundamental workings of their bodies and minds, and the comprehensive spectrum of athletic performance factors they can control.

This educational empowerment is fundamental for athletes to gain the ability to navigate their disciplines with elevated expertise, enhance their mental and physical prowess, optimize their performance outcomes and expand the possibilities for reinvention after a professional career.



Enhance the efficiency of high-performance coaching and elevate the level of awareness among competitive athletes regarding aspects of athletic performance that are amenable to optimization.


Fostering a new generation of athletes characterized by an enhanced comprehension of their sport, optimized physical and mental capabilities, diminished injury vulnerability, and a skillful application of acquired knowledge in diverse aspects of life.


HPC – where athletes are encouraged to dream, think and feel free

The High Performance Centre is situated in the picturesque town of Leogang, a renowned ski resort celebrated for its active lifestyle, downhill World Cup events, and breathtaking natural scenery.
Nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps, it is surrounded by lush green pastures, pristine forests, and majestic mountains.
The HPC serves as a home to both local and international highly competitive athletes spanning diverse sports, including skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, cycling, football, and tennis.
Boasting a range of facilities including a training gym, sports therapy studio, service amenities, video analysis capabilities, and conference rooms, the HPC is well-equipped to support every aspect of athletes’ development.
Within the HPC, a positive environment prevails, fostering ambitious dreams, intelligent training strategies, and a sense of community growth.


KNOW ME BEFORE YOU KNOW ME – sholder to sholder with my athletes in battles

I am Igor Sehic, and while my work falls within the realm of sports therapy and coaching for athletic and mental performance, I consider myself a lifelong scholar of longevity, health, and human performance.
Since an early age, I nurtured a passion for activities like climbing, free diving, martial arts, and various endeavors that brought me closer to my limits, enabling me to explore my capabilities. With unwavering determination, I embraced every challenge that crossed my path, seeking to understand the intricacies of both my body and mind.
Ultimately, this insatiable curiosity led me to realize that human performance is much more than the interplay between body and mind. It rests upon fundamental principles rooted in many natural, social and medical sciences and increasingly in technological development.
Moreover, the interconnection of these principles forms the essence of both physical and mental potential in every individual. This realization propelled me on a lifelong journey of delving into these principles and ignited a profound passion for crafting the most efficient optimization method capable of unlocking the complete athletic potential.

My current pursuit involves an encompassing study of human performance aspects, spanning therapeutic techniques, training methodologies, psychology, breath work, biomechanics, neuroplasticity, nutrition, and recovery processes. Each day, I apply this knowledge and continually refine my methodology through collaboration with highly competitive athletes.
Beyond this, I challenge myself by triggering defensive mechanisms in unconventional situations and discomforting environments. Whether it’s trekking barefoot across mountains, immersing myself in icy waters, practicing breath-holding, fasting, engaging in martial arts sparring or deliberately disrupting my daily routines, I am committed to creating fresh neurological connections and discovering new modes of operation beyond the comfort zone.

My immersion in unlocking the complete athletic potential of highly competitive athletes fuels my dedication to elevate professional sports, fostering a healthier, more effective and productive approach.